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Default Do Golden Eagles gather in flocks?

I live near Ullapool in the Highlands of Scotland and we often get golden eagles fly over the house and out towards the sea. Today I watched a golden eagle fly out (confirmed sighting) and then about 30 minutes later it came back (I think the same one) - but all of a sudden there were about 8 other birds of the same size gliding together (harmoniously). They were too far away and too high up to see any markings - so I suppose I am assuming it was the eagle again. We do get other large birds ... buzzards/ ravens but they really did seem so big and dark that I would be prepared to say they were eagles. Any help would be appreciated, whatever it was has really delighted me.
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Default Golden Eagle

Good question
My first reaction would be no, they do not flock.
I considered migration and food source, but I would doubt very much that you would see a flock of Eagles up there in Ullapool, especially as there were 8/9 birds, I am not 100% sure about this but I can find no record of flocks of Golden Eagles.


I have stayed in a cottage in Achiltibuie which I am sure you will know, sadly I was only there for a week and tho' I did a fair bit of searching your Golden Eagles eluded me. absolutely stunning area, I loved it up there. beautiful countryside.
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Penna, thanks so much for your reply. I am sure you are right, I am really baffled but still excited by it. I know Achiltibue very well, in fact a lot of people think our road is the turning for it, but it the next one along. Sorry you didn't see any eagles, we are very lucky here. I have seen a mother with 2 eaglets often and also we have a sea eagle. Thanks again for your help.
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Hi Kittie

You might have been seeing Buzzards, as they like to flock together in groups and circle in the sky for hours on end

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