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Default Proper Care and feeding of an injured Robin

Hello out there in bird land

Looking for some advice,. Yesterday, my compassionate son found an injured adult robin and took her in. It seems to be missing a tail feather or two. I am surprised, frankly at how well she has adjusted. She took an earthworm (two, actually) right out of my son's hand last evening. My question is, how often does a robin feed? My bird book does not discuss caring for the wilds. We have a garden and there are lots of worms in it, tho it was frozen this morning, so she hasn't eaten yet today. I'm calling it "she" because she seems very fat - eggs maybe ? But, perhaps he is just fluffed out .
Have any of you experience with this sort of thing?

Thanks for any help.
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Hi Poolbenthewaterfall

You don't say a great deal reagarding possible injuries but I am sure if the Robin is only missing a couple of tail feather then he or she will cope quite happily in the wild. How did your son discover the bird? If it possible the bird flew into a window and was simply knocked for six?
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Default Injured Robin

Thank you very much for your reply.
He has only one tail feather. He was in the driveway, unable to fly when my son found him. He is still eating - two worms so far today. But very sad looking. We would love to let him go, just afraid a cat may get him. we have also put suet in the food tray and, of course, water.
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my robins love stilton cheese! also raisins soaked in water to make them bigger. Hope robin survives
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Are you in the US? If so, is this an American Robin or a European Robin?

Basically they need to eat more than 2 worms a day. The average Robin would be feeding itself more or less all day long. Perhaps a couple of worms per hour. However, they don't just eat worms, robins will also eat some seeds, such as you may find in a common (garden) bird seed mix. Also try chopped peanuts, small bits of cheese, and suet (beef dripping) granules / cake.

Additionally, make some fresh water available for drinking.

Call around your local vets, and see if they know any wildlife rehabilitators in your area. If the bird requires long-term assistance in getting back to health, then they'll be able to offer the best local advice, or be able to care for the bird directly.
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